We Deliver More

At Pizza Boli's, "We Deliver More" is more than just a slogan. It means MORE delicious toppings. It means MORE variety, including a full range of pizzas, subs, salads, sides, and wings. And it means MORE taste, with the best ingredients, expertly prepared, and fresh dough made every day, plus our unique sauces. That's how you make an award-winning pizza.

More For You

Pizza Boli's is always looking for new ways to bring MORE to you. Over the past few years we've introduced several new products and promotions: our now famous classic Greek Pizza, our new PANTASTIC pizza in several sizes, plus a variety of new crusts, including our new Healthy Honey Crust. We'll continue to strive to create new ways to add MORE to your dining experience. We invite you to contact us with your ideas about adding MORE taste to the Pizza Boli table.

More Than 25 Years Ago

Over 25 years ago, Javed Nasir opened the doors to the first Pizza Boli's in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. From the very beginning, he knew what he wanted to deliver to his customers: MORE variety. Today, Pizza Boli's has successfully accomplished what other delivery pizza companies have failed to do: offering MORE variety of toppings and MORE menu items while maintaining MORE taste.